Note: You must read and submit the agreement at the bottom of this page to use the facility

Kitchen Rules and Policies


This handbook is intended to provide Earth Elements Entrepreneurs’ Kitchen (E3K) policies and information to our clients. Clients are responsible for reading all content and are expected to adhere to the rules and policies within.

Requirements to get licensed at E3k

• Have a legal business entity such as a LLC or S corp. NO sole proprietorships allowed.

• Must have your own mailing address. We do not accept client mail at this address

• Have a Sales Tax permit with the E3k facility listed as your facility address and your OWN mailing address

• Have Food Product Liability Insurance for at least $1,000,000.00 and have E3k listed as additional insured.

• Have FDA Food Labels approved by OCCHD

• Have the ability to follow the checklist on the get started page and complete each task as stated

• Fill out the Final application AFTER the health department says you are ready to be listed

• Pay your deposit and first months rent before signing contract

Requirements for kitchen use

Before reserving kitchen time with E3K, as well as during any use of our facilities, clients must:

• Have a current, signed contract with E3K.

• Have a valid Sales Tax permit with E3k address listed as facility address (NOT mailing address)

• Provide a copy of a valid Oklahoma health department license and post in kitchen
•Provide proof of liability insurance with E3K listed as additional insured and maintain such policy for the duration of any kitchen use.

• Pay a Security Deposit equal to (3) Three times your rental invoice. - This is refundable at the end of your contract when you give 90 day notice to terminate and deposit refund requested in writing.

General Rules

Must be respectful and care for of our equipment and facility as you would your own.

Must be respectful to all staff and contractors, All businesses licensed at facility , and all inspectors

All E3K clients must display their license in the facility. It is your responsibility to post your license in the slots provided on the board in the mop sink hallway.

Monthly rent is due and payable upon receipt of your emailed invoice. Rent is due before the start of each month. You may not use the Kitchen if you have not paid up to date.

All clients must reserve their time and station on the online calendar and enter door code at each door
EVERY TIME they use the kitchen. Kitchen time can only be booked up to one (1) month in advance.

Any Equipment marked
PRIVATE is NOT FOR USE! If you want to use PRIVATE equipment, arrangements need to be made with the OWNER. If caught using someone else's property it is grounds for termination of use.

You may not remove any of our equipment, small wares, etc. from the kitchen at any time. This ensures every tenant has access to the shared equipment.

Accidents do happen; if you damage any equipment, please have the integrity to let us know immediately.

Reserving Kitchen Time

Clients must check availability and make reservations through the link on the E3K website or by navigating to

The schedule on the website will contain the most current information and will ensure that only space that is available is booked. Reservations are accepted in the order that they are received.

If your reserved space is in use once you arrive, please kindly remind client that you have scheduled time, and they need to vacate in a timely manner.

Register with Supersaas to create your login so you can schedule your kitchen time. The Health department has access to the online calendar and monitors use. It is mandatory that you schedule your time on the online calendar. It is considered theft if you use the kitchen when you are not on the calendar.

Kitchen Time Usage

E3K utilizes an on-site Access Control System, this system tracks and monitors your use of the kitchen. All reservations should match these logs. Any additional hour(s) used outside of you contracted time, will be added to your next month invoice or an extra invoice will be generated. If a client is caught during using hours and not adding them to the calendar, they will charged double for the unreported hours.

Advanced Scheduling & Cancellation policy

Please be aware of your time scheduled in advanced. The calendar should only be scheduled up to thirty (30) days out. By doing so we ensure all reserved time is utilized and not gone to waste.

Should you need to cancel reserved time, it should be removed from calendar 48 hours before scheduled time. Once time has been reserved, it becomes unavailable to other clients. Because of this, E3K maintains a strict cancellation policy to ensure kitchen time does not go unused. We encourage our clients to carefully consider how much time is needed, and to use any overbooked hours for preparation, organization, experimentation, etc.

Any reserved time not utilized will STILL be billed to the client respectively. There are no refunds on unused time; please be aware of your time management. If a client repeatedly blocks the calendar and does not show up, there will be a $50 fine for blocking other clients. Schedule your time accordingly and adjust the calendar if you are not going to use the reserved station.

Unused Hours & Unscheduled kitchen use

Unused contract hours for the kitchen cannot be carried forward.

If the client accesses the kitchen(s) (Not dry storage) for any reason without an approved reservation, the client will be fined $100.00. If the client continues to access the building without reservations, E3K reserves the right to terminate the client's contract immediately and revoke all access control to the facility.

Should this issue arise, it is the clients responsibility to contact/schedule with E3K to obtain their property. Any property left after thirty (30) days of contract termination will be forfeited to E3K.

Scheduling pick-up/drop-off

Your contract hours are for kitchen utilization. Storage is rented at a monthly rate. You can access the rented storage area without utilizing kitchen time

While accessing your rented storage, please be unobtrusive to other clients or staff at E3K.

Using unreserved time

Clients are expected to finish and clean within their reserved time. Please respect other people using the space and plan appropriately. We understand that on occasion, extra time will be needed. Please speak with E3K staff regarding such needs.

Extra time will be charged to the client’s account, based on your hourly rate.

Overhead Door Access

The client has access to the overhead door for deliveries by appointment only. Unapproved deliveries will incur $50 per occurrence

Our clients are encouraged to establish their own accounts with vendors and place orders for delivery to E3K directly. We can assist in completing any documentation related to opening new accounts. Independent orders must abide by the following policies:

All orders must be made through your own account. Do not call in an order under the E3K name.


If you are having something delivered to the kitchen you MUST be present to receive it or store it accordingly.

NO ONLINE orders maybe shipped to the kitchen.


Storage maybe rented in 3 categories; Dry, Cooler and Freezer.

Clients are expected to keep their storage areas clean and have all food in containers that are labeled with name and date. Any moldy or rotten food will be discarded.

E3K is not responsible for equipment, food, clothing, etc. left at the kitchen.

Do not store anything in the kitchen, or on the floor of the kitchen or walk in cooler.

Each station has a clean and drying rack for dishes, please utilize accordingly. All dishes should be stored in client rented storage area or off site.

Store all meat on the bottom shelf of the coolers and freezers.

Any stored food that, in the opinion of E3K staff, poses a health risk will be discarded. From time to time, E3K staff may ask clients to remove any or all their items from the dry and/or cool storage. If these items are not removed with 7 days, E3K may discard those items and will not be required to reimburse the client for those items.

If you store food in any area that is not rented by you or your company, the client of the space or E3K staff reserves the right to remove or dispose of said food.

Trash and Recyclables

The client is responsible for removal and proper disposal of all waste materials.
All boxes must be broken down and placed in the pallet bin next to the dumpster. You will be fined for not breaking down boxes and responsible for any overcharges we receive from waste company.
All garbage must be bagged and placed in the outside dumpsters.
All recyclables must be rinsed and placed in the recyclable dumpster.

Please let us know immediately if there is a problem with any aspect of the facility so we can rectify the problem as soon as possible.

Cart Procedures

E3K has provided each station with one rolling cart and one speed rack. Use these racks to unload and transport to your station . At the end of your allots time use the cart to transport your goods back to your car or storage and return the carts to their home

Extra speed racks are available in kitchen for walk-in use

Using shared equipment

E3K provides Sheet pans and large pots ONLY. We also provide the following cleaning supplies:
Soap, Sanitizer, trash bags, paper towels, toilet paper and sponges.

Each client must adhere to the following cleaning policies:

1. Clean and sanitize their station & any shared equipment used

2. Sweep and mop the ENTIRE station area

3. Ensure trash and recyclables are disposed of accordingly

If E3K is made aware of any cleaning policy violations, it will be investigated accordingly, billed at $60/Hour in fifteen (15) increments


Each station has 2 Shelves on the “Dirty Rack” (Right side of sink) and on the Clean rack (Left side of the sink)

Store your dirty dishes on your stations respective shelve until ready to wash. After washing place your clean dishes on your stations respective clean rack

Once dry, return your dishes to your storage area or off premises. Return E3K sheet pans and post to their respective shelve. Dishes left on the shelf will be discarded. Clients Must either remove their dishes from facility or pay for storage in the warehouse. NO Client can store anything in kitchen without written permission.

We encourage all clients to label or mark their dishes accordingly, to ensure no issues arise.

NEVER PUT FOG (Fats, oils or grease) DOWN THE SINK! Wipe grease from your trays or pots and dispose in trash can. Putting FOG down the drain is grounds for termination.


Once you have booked kitchen time you are responsible for paying for those hours. Any time booked that needs to change must be done 48 hours before. While we understand that things come up, we have committed those kitchen hours to you and expect you to follow through with your financial commitment to Earth Elements Entrepreneurs’ Kitchen.


Repeated (2) Violations of Health Department Codes will result in revocation of your kitchen usage privileges, and cancellation of your lease.

Sweeping and mopping floors

Clients are expected to sweep their station and mop with provided cleaning supplies. All brooms and mops are to be returned to the mop sink and cleaned accordingly. If E3K is made aware of a violation, we will investigate, and a $25 cleaning fee will be charged for each occurrence.


All water, gas, trash, electric usage is included in your rental fee. Be responsible in your usage of these utilities. If E3K is made aware of excessive usage, then an energy surcharge will be billed E3K discretion.

If you are the last person to leave the kitchen it is your responsibility to turn off the turn out the lights, if lights are left on, E3K will launch an investigation, offenders will be charged a $50 surcharge per occurrence.

This is an environmentally responsible facility: use water wisely, keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed, enter and exit quickly. Reuse boxes whenever possible. Recycle un-reusable boxes, rinse and recycle glass and plastic containers.

Glass, cardboard, paper, plastic recycle bins and compost bins are available SE corner of the parking lot. Place all items in appropriate containers.

Remember this is a community environment; we are all sharing this space. It is mandatory for all clients be respectful to each other, staff and the property. We are all here to make a living doing something we love. Inappropriate behavior will result in termination of your contract. If you have a concern or incident, please report it to E3K staff.

E3K is under constant video monitoring, along with door access control systems; your actions are being recorded and can be reviewed if necessary.

Minors and Animals

Under no circumstances should minor be allowed to enter the Kitchen. 14 years old and up are accepted by the health department

Under no circumstances should an animal be allowed in warehouse or kitchen areas

Fee Schedule

Investigation Fee = $25/Hour

Failure to clean = $60/hour billed in 15-minute increments

Failure to Secure the building = $50 per occurrence

Theft or Excessive use of supplies = termination of contract

Leaving any door ajar this includes entry doors or walkin cooler doors $100 per occurrence

Storage Violation = $20 per occurrence

Health Dept Violation first occurrence = $100

Health Dept Violation second occurrence = $200

Health Dept Violation third occurrence = $400


To report a problem log into Client Access page and fill out the violation form. This is anonymous.

Communications Policy

Office Hours: Office hours are set in place Tuesday, Wednesday -Friday, 10am-3pm. Lessee understands and agrees that contact with the office will take place within the given office hours UNLESS emergent.

Office Phone Number: (405) 673-7945

If a problem should arise, please utilize our online work order or violation forms that can be accessed in the Client Access Page of our website. If you should need to further assistance contact the office for your concern, please do so at the designated email:

*Text messages received outside of office hours will not receive a response until the next business day. Texts sent after 8pm are completely unacceptable and will be disregarded until an email is received on the issue.*

In order to become an E3K Client, you must submit that you have read the following rules and policies.