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Let us help you start your own food enterprise;

turn your artisan delights into a successful, profitable business.

E3K is NOT a Cannabis Kitchen. Looking for a Cannabis Kitchen? Let us refer you to Shared Kitchen OK!

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E3K provides:

An Oklahoma licensed commercial food manufacturing facility, providing multiple workstations for a variety of food processing, business and regulation support, business start up assistance/consulting services & peer networking.

We offer chefs, cooks, caterers, cooking teachers, restauranteurs, photographers and production crews the opportunity to have access to an inspected and approved commercial kitchen.

Located at 1408 North Portland Avenue, OKC, OK 73107

Tours by appointment only

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“I remember being on the cusp of taking a leap of faith and quitting my full-time job to pursue a dream and passion of starting a business….. except there was nowhere to go. No rentable facilities, not enough money and not wanting to get my own facility. Felt like the door was getting shut to the dream… until fate would have it and a phone call to April I learned she was opening up something in OKC….. needless to say it was a life changer.

Starting at E3K was one of the most special chapters of our life. Having the ability to learn from April and meet other “food-preneurs” while minimizing financial risk was great… the experience, people, and growth was even better!

So thankful for April and others who helped get us and countless other the opportunity to pursue our dreams and help make them reality. I’d encourage all people who are passionate about food and interested in getting into business to build their foundation for success at E3K!”

Jeff Ragan
Founder and CEO, Kize Concepts Inc

In May 2012, I decided to pursue my passion for cooking and incorporated my little catering business, Catering by Bo Taylor. Luckily for me, I worked out of the Earth Elements Catering kitchen while helping out with a local Thanksgiving dinner drive, so I knew it existed.
April Harrington was an amazing resource for guiding me through the process of starting a food business. Some of these included getting State and Local Health Department permits and licenses, introducing me to my health inspector and advising me on issues such as liability insurance.

The Earth Elements Commercial Kitchen is a God send. There was no way I could have afforded the rent for a commercial kitchen space and the additional overhead costs such as utilities, property insurance, large kitchen equipment charges and equipment maintenance or pest control.

Another benefit is sharing the space with other small business owners with similar goals and challenges. We often times swap information and ideas, network and brainstorm together.

I have had several people ask me when I’m getting my own kitchen after five years in business. My answer is always, “Why”? I have everything I need in a commercial kitchen at a fraction of the cost because several of us tenants share the cost. I’m grateful for the Earth Elements Catering Kitchen.

Bo Taylor
Catering by Bo Taylor

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